* “Remoaners.”–How British tabloids reference the anti-Brexit crowd that wants to remain in the European Union.

* “Stand idly by.”–What Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says the U.S. will not do as Russia sends military forces to Venezuela.

* “As secretary of state and as a Christian, I’m proud to lead American diplomacy to support Israel’s right to defend itself.”–Mike Pompeo.

* “Everyone will soon be able to read it. … Accordingly, there are no plans to submit the report to the White House for a privilege review.”–Attorney General William Barr on how the Mueller Report on Russia’s election interference will be handled.

* “No matter what the Mueller Report contains, a harsh verdict remains: Trump and his gang betrayed the United States in the greatest scandal in American history.”–David Corn, Mother Jones.

* “In Washington, leaking is an art form. … In the lengthy course of the Mueller investigation, there was not a single leak. … It takes an extraordinary leader to persuade those around him to comply with demanding standards.”–William Galston, Wall Street Journal.

* “Richard Nixon and John Dean … were the last occupants of the executive branch who played politics with the rule of law as recklessly as is being done today, causing long-term damage to our democracy that reverberated for years.”–Christopher Hunter, senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.

* “The Senate would pass a paper bag as long as it had the words ‘free trade.’ The real battle over NAFTA is going to be in the House.”–Lori Wallach, director of Global Trade Watch at Public Citizen.

* “Why would the working class unite for a Green New Deal? For one thing, working people are set up to suffer the worst effects of climate devastation–especially where property or oppression make it far harder to survive, move or adapt. … A strategy of building working-class power and waging class struggle from below is the only thing that can save the planet.”–Keith Brower Brown, Jacobin Magazine.

*”There is a reason why the United States is the only major country on earth that allows private insurance to profit off of health care. The function of private health insurance  is not to provide quality care to all, it is to make as much money as possible for the private insurance companies, working with the drug companies.”–Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

* “When we talk about Medicare for all, there are a lot of different pathways. What we’re all looking for is the lowest cost way to make sure that everybody gets covered.”–Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

* “Let me tell you exactly what my message is: The Republican Party will soon be known as the party of health care. You watch.”–Donald Trump, after the Justice Department argued that the Affordable Care Act should be thrown out in its entirety.

* “In 2020, we need to elect a president who will make health care a right.”–Sen. Kamala Harris.

* “We feel obligated to be good stewards of this planet God has given us. But we do not worship the planet, we simply live on it.”–Sen. Rick Scott.

* “Reality check: America is not a planet, and countries like China would happily watch us jump over the cliff by destroying our economy with the Green New Deal.”–Sen. Marco Rubio.

* “Congress restricts access to machine guns because of the threat the weapons pose to public safety. Restrictions on bump stocks advance the same interest.”–Federal District Court Judge Paul L. Maloney, in refusing to block the government ban on bump stocks.

* If Facebook or Google takes ad revenue for promoting political misinformation, or misinformation of any kind, it should face the same regulatory punishments that a broadcaster would face.”–Philip N. Howard, author and head of the Oxford Internet Institute.

* “Given Trump’s Everglades budget request, he should be ashamed to even show his face in South Florida.”–Florida Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The Trump Administration budget provides only $63 million for Everglades restoration, less than a third of the $200 million that is needed.

* “There’s a good reason that 2020 will be ‘the year of the mayor.’ Mayors are on the frontlines of cleaning up Washington’s mess.”–Miramar Mayor Wayne Messam, in formally launching his campaign for president.

* “Rick Scott is an old, bald-headed dinosaur. The Rick Scott generation has a fear of marijuana. They don’t know the difference between marijuana and LSD and fentanyl.”–Orlando attorney John Morgan, who bankrolled the constitutional amendment that led to legalizing medical marijuana and fought against the smoking ban.

* “We’re excited to be part of Uptown.”–Robert Bishop, dean of USF College of Engineering, announcing plans for USF’s Institute for Applied Engineering to become the first research tenant in the future “Uptown District,” the transformed University Mall.

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