Trumpster Diving

  • President Donald Trump at the UN: What a forum to underscore that the U.S., in effect, is going it alone.
  • If the U.S. had a savvy negotiator, maybe something good would come out of challenging the trade status quo with China. Stolen technology and intellectual property, market barriers and currency manipulation don’t deserve to be ignored. That’s the irony. The status of this quo has to go–but not to the tariff-war detriment of the U.S.

And speaking of negotiations, how’s that seat-of-the-CEO-pants approach working with North Korea? Does “denuclearization” loom? Does a working definition of “denuclearization” loom? And might formally declaring an “end” to the Korean War, which actually ended 65 years ago, be too much of a concession? Perhaps we’ll get some hints–in writing–at the next Trump-Kim summit, which is now being scheduled. Perhaps.

  • Does Jeff Sessions not know the meaning of demeaning?
  • The Trump Administration, as we are constantly reminded, doesn’t appeal to the A-Listers when it comes to professional staffing. Especially women. Exhibit A: Trump “counselor” Kellyanne Conway, the ultimate White House harlot. Here’s her take on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination that’s been blindsided by sexual-misconduct allegations. “This may be the first time we ever heard of allegations against someone as a teenager who did not prey upon women thusly as he became powerful.” That’s because such offensive conduct is, thusly, much more, but not exclusively, the purview of sleazy men with status and leverage. Speaking of, that’s the MO of the man Conway reports to and misrepresents to the outside world. How do you undermine the context of the accusations against Kavanaugh while working for a vulgar, misogynistic, admitted p—- grabber in the Oval Office? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question. She wouldn’t be in that position if she couldn’t disingenuously defend the indefensible.
  • So, Trump skeptically–and predictably–weighed in on Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser. Wonder if he directly tweeted Kavanaugh? If so–and given his sexist, assaultive nature–might he have tweeted: “MeToo”?
  • Brett Kavanaugh isn’t backing off. Among the things he won’t be saying in his own defense: “I apologize for what I did. I also apologize for not apologizing until now. I know it looks self-serving. It is. But now, at least, you know I’m being candid. Christine Blasey Ford deserves better than this; I sure in hell don’t. I only disagree with Dr. Ford, because I was too drunk to remember all that I did. I wish that were a valid excuse for my behavior. But I can, I assure you, still be a good, Constitution-revering justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Maybe even better than Clarence Thomas. Maybe.”
  • Trump recently compared himself to Lincoln. Maybe he meant George Lincoln Rockwell?
  • Trump voters who are women and evangelicals: Shouldn’t they number in the single digits instead of the multi millions?

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