Gubernatorial Subplots

  • If you’re Ron DeSantis and you’ve just had Donald Trump campaigning with you, how do you top that? Well, you don’t, but you’d gladly settle for a three-stop Florida campaign tour with Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, founder of the Freedom Caucus and a prime candidate for Speaker of the House. And as for Jordan being embroiled in that controversy about whether he knew about sexual abuse of Ohio State wrestlers by a team doctor when he was an OSU coach, well, that’s probably “fake news.”
  • A Gwen Graham-Bob Buckhorn ticket? The I-4 vote is still critically important and the pragmatic, pro-business, progressive Democratic mayor of a resurgent hub city in a major market could certainly help, but Buckhorn as a LIEUTENANT governor? Hizzoner could likely help get the Democratic and independent vote out and, if successful, help change Tallahassee’s GOP-skewed, political dynamics. But he might just want a reward better than a political-career dead end.
  • “The Seinfeld candidate.” That’s Adam Putnam’s characterization of Ron DeSantis, who has been, points out Putnam, running a campaign “about nothing.” Good line, Adam, but nothing neutralizes “proud NRA sellout.”

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