Our Political Quartet

Here are four names of those who have contributed, however unwittingly and ironically, to where we unfortunately are now in Florida and the United States.

*Charlie Crist. There would have been no GOP challenge by Rick Scott if the incumbent Republican Florida governor didn’t yield to ambition by stepping down.

* Alex Sink. In an election that was the Dems to lose, she led the loss with an ineffective, uninspiring campaign capped by a debate debacle.

* Bernie Sanders. The best intentions of an admirable avatar of socialistic idealism ultimately yielded liberal disillusionment that morphed into MIA leftist voters who couldn’t abide an establishment candidate.

* Hillary Clinton. Smart, informed, prepared, but flawed candidate. Think Bill Clinton enabler who couldn’t take full advantage of her vile, misogynist opponent. Plus big-money, Wall Street speeches that undermined Democratic-base identification. Plus stupid handling of emails that rallied the opposition and provoked “Lock Her Up” chants among the pitchfork and flambeau deplorables. Plus keeping on Huma Abedin as vice chair of her campaign, which meant keeping the Weinermobile nearby, which led to the final, fatal James Comey email inquiry.

Not fair? Of course not. But life, alas, too often isn’t. In this case, we had good, capable people who deserved better. As, alas, did the majority of us who are still stuck with “Flori-duh” frustration and “MAGA” menace.

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