Media Matters: Doonesbury To Gadhafi

  • Isn’t it about time that more editors exercised appropriate, professional judgment and designated Doonesbury for the editorial page?
  • Reportedly, Sarah Palin made a good impression — and good money — in her foreign-policy-laden speech to a group of investors in Hong Kong. That should not have surprised anyone. Geopolitical overviews, economic analysis, moose-stew recipes, Iditarod summaries, death-panel one liners. Somebody writes her copy, and she delivers it. It’s what she does. And does well.
  • Thank you for sharing: Mackenzie Phillips.
  • Anybody else, upon seeing Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi deliver that 90-minute, tour de farce rant at the United Nations, think “this will be referenced again on Saturday Night Live”? Sure enough, it was. Although it had to be a challenge to satirize a parody.

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