Enlightened Liaison in Channel District

In the era of “Build It And They Will Come,” how progressive has the liaison been between Grand Central at Kennedy and the Stageworks theater company. Starting next season Stageworks will be housed permanently in a 99-seat black box theater within Grand Central. Call it enlightened self-interest for Grand Central condo developer Ken Stoltenberg, who knows that such an arts amenity is a better Channel District sales inducement than the prospect of a dry cleaner taking retail space.

And while we’re tossing bouquets, let’s include a bravo for Stageworks, which has earned its good fortune. And it’s more than first-class stage productions. It’s often been saluted for its community involvement via its outreach programs for at-risk children. And that’s a big reason why Stageworks, now in its 25th anniversary season, was chosen as Bank of America’s Hillsborough County 2007 Neighborhood Builder. The award comes with a check for $200,000 for operational support.

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