Village Idiocy

The Architectural Review Commission, as we know, can easily morph into the Door Knocker Nazis in their self-important interpretation of what’s appropriate for designated historic areas. But among those in the know, few are disagreeing with the ARC’s approach to proposals for redevelopment of Hyde Park Village.

The ARC has now twice rejected plans by Village owner Wasserman Realty Capital to shoehorn a pair of residential towers into the retail mix. Too big and too crowded, say most residents and Hyde Park Preservation Inc.

Wasserman has incrementally been whittling down the height and mass of its proposed condo structures. A few feet here, a story there. A sop to critics.

It’s not been nearly enough, and most neighbors, HPPI and the ARC aren’t buying it.

Maybe the best advice for Wasserman is this: You’ve done your homework, and you knew what you were dealing with before you bought in. And even your biggest critics realize that status quo won’t succeed in the marketplace the Village competes in. But surely you have an ultimate, Plan C position that you’ve been hoping to better. Well, you won’t.

Put it on the table now.

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