Postal Potpourri

As we know, living in a certain zip code or just living to a certain age goes a long way in determining how much unsolicited mail we get.

Right now our household is in the lifestyle magazine mode. Can’t get enough peeks at where the affluent reside, how they decorate, what they wear and where they go to show off their botox injections.

And with gambling increasingly in the news, we’re on the receiving end of seductive inducements — 4 Free Nights* (but read the fine print) — to visit emporiums such as the Wyndham Nassau Resort & Crystal Palace Casino. And, frankly, 4-color photos depicting the “Hawaiian Tropic vs. Flirt Girls Models Challenge” weren’t without merit.

So, it could be worse. Like last month’s intimations-of-mortality theme.

Nothing like making the assisted living facilities demographic list.

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