The Republican Rover

Wedge-politics guru Karl Rove is officially no longer in the House. Some perspective:

*The Prince of All Things Partisan never should have been allowed around policy. The country is worse off for it.

*The presidential Svengali was really, really good at one thing: Getting George W. Bush elected multiple times. He did whatever it took – from polarization to pander fests to dirty tricks. Donald Sagretti on steroids.

*Lee Atwater never looked so ethical.

*Somehow, some way, Rove’s got to be behind this state’s (Republican-controlled) Legislature’s double-dare-you push to move the presidential primary to Jan. 29. As a result, the Democratic National Committee’s hand was forced, and the DNC ordered Dems in America’s mega-battleground state to neuter its primary.

*The presidential albatross has finally flown, but Rove didn’t take one for the team. Can you say book deal and GOP lecture circuit?

*Please, don’t anyone present him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Even if it’s the one that George Tenet might yet feel compelled to give back.

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