Dressed For Stress

Interesting piece the other day in the New York Times about the notable – and noticeable – increase in Muslim women in Great Britain out and about covered head to toe in flowing black gowns (niqabs) that only permit slits for eyes. It’s caused a non-Muslim reaction that is considerably less than a celebration of diversity.

It’s also led to debate among Muslims. One person’s religious symbol, act of faith and cultural comfort zone, it turns out, is someone else’s sign of subjugation.

What wasn’t, surprisingly, aired in the Times’ piece was reasoning that trumps both ethno-centric double takes as well as Muslim misgivings about the symbolism. The niqab is, to put it politely, UK incompatible in an era of civilizational war between the West and Islamic fanaticism — one that includes the terror attack on London’s transit system two years ago and the near disasters in Glasgow as well as London again.

The argument should be self evident that in terrorist times, it’s unconscionable to be cruising around in public in such a fashion as to conceal your identity as well as everything else. Surely, the Koran can be cherry-picked for help on this one.

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