The National Amateur Hour

A recent “Newsweek” poll indicated that a majority of the public – 58 per cent – believes the firing of those eight U.S. attorneys was politically motivated.

Question: Given that all such U.S. attorneys serve at the “pleasure” of the president, why wasn’t the poll response 100 per cent?

Isn’t this debacle a subset of the sausage metaphor? Some things – such as the passing of laws, the editing of news, the making of sausage – you just don’t want to see? The process is never pretty, especially the one at the Justice Department that’s always rife with political agendas and chronic cronyism.

This is another installment of the White House Amateur Hour. An Administration utterly unsuited to deal with oversight in the new Democratic, subpoena-empowered Congress. Not even resident sage Fred Fielding could deter them from the clichéd, passive-voiced, pseudo mea culpa: “mistakes were made.”

And, realistically, if the White House is forced to dump its clueless, Texas-loyalist Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, who does the president send over to satisfy Sen. Patrick Leahy’s Judiciary Committee? Is Ramsey Clark available?

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