Tony Dungy’s Pulpit

Step down on top, Tony.

Given the usual givens – parity and luck – it’s not likely that the Indianapolis Colts will repeat as Super Bowl champions. So, Tony, max out on your influence now.

Come back to Tampa – as you plan to some day anyhow – and work with your causes, the ones that will always be more important than football, including All Pro Dad.

But if you stay on with the Colts, which seems likely, be wary of a double-edged sword. A locker room is not a sectarian pulpit.

Continue to preach being a good person, of course. And putting fame and special physical skills into perspective. There are precious few voices of dignity and wisdom like yours. And while you’re at it, you might use that unique forum to speak out against an insidious hip hop culture that is a moral yoke on the black community. You will never have more credibility and impact than you do right now.

But enough of the “God’s plan” rhetoric when it comes to the games professionals play and the ebb and flow of playoff success. Frankly, it’s unworthy of a Deity with, hopefully, other priorities.

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