Grad Rates

The BCS Championship game is still more than a fortnight away, but already the University of Florida has topped Ohio State – where it should count more: graduation rates.

The University of Central Florida-based Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport has accumulated graduation data on all teams participating in this year’s bowl games.

The overall rate for student-athletes playing football at OSU was 55 percent, including 32 percent for black players. Corresponding numbers for UF: 80 and 74.

Here’s how some other bowl-bound schools fared:

*Notre Dame: 95 and 90/ LSU: 49 and 37

*Navy: 98 and 91/ Boston College: 96 and 93

*Penn State: 80 and 77/ Tennessee: 58 and 47

*Miami: 68 and 63/ Nevada: 53 and 36

*UCLA: 59 and 39/ Florida State: 52 and 48

*E. Carolina: 78 and 76/ USF: 66 and 67.

And the numbers for defending national champion Texas? Try 40 and 33. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

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