Candidate Tips

*Don’t make pre-recorded telephone calls. They’re really, really annoying.

*Don’t top your brochure bio bullets with who you married, who you sired and where you go to worship. Start with relevant experience to the job at hand.

*Endorsements can have value, but dispense with the pretentious name-dropping – especially of the deceased (i.e. Ronald Reagan).

*Have a fiscal philosophy, of course, but don’t say you’ll “never” raise taxes . At best, that’s irresponsible. More than likely, you’re lying and pandering.

* Family values used to mean something. Now they’re code words — frequently of the cheap-shot variety. Too often they say more about the attacker than the attacked. Unless your opponent is Joe Redner, leave it out.

*Don’t refer to yourself in the third person . It sounds phony. Leave that for ego-tripping, professional athletes.

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