“Nuestro HimNo”

The “Star Spangled Banner” in Spanish? At least there’s bipartisan agreement on something. Even President George Bush and Sen. Ted Kennedy agree it’s not a good idea for this country’s national anthem. National identity isn’t trumped by the multi-culturalism card.

Frankly, “Nuestro Himno” sounds more like a Balkanization ballad — another refuge for the unassimilating – especially with self-serving, agenda-driven lyrics due out next month in a remix.

Imagine “La Marseillaise” or “Wilhelmus” in Arabic or “Das Lied der Deutschen” in Turkish? Surely, France, Holland and Germany can’t.

But, OK, nothing would be as unacceptable as Roseanne Barr’s English version of the national anthem. That really made us see red – instead of red, white and blue.

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