Oscar Outtakes

The best movies I’ve seen recently are: “The Sea Within,” “Sideways,” “The Graduate” and “Broadcast News.” The true test of a movie worthy of its acclaim is staying power — on a small screen with commercials across at least one generation.

While Jamie Foxx was the sure-shot winner for best actor in “Ray,” it still surprises that Leonardo DeCaprio made the cut for “Aviator.” He’s yet to play a convincing adult, even a weird one.

The biggest controversy, of course, was over Clint Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby,” and whether it was a manipulative paean to euthanasia. Frankly, I just saw blindsiding by a lethal plot twist. What did bother me, however, was the uncomfortable incongruity of rooting for a classic, sympathetic, rags-to-riches underdog engaged in the thoroughly disgusting sport of female boxing.

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