Artful Approach Lacking

Here’s hoping the Tampa Museum of Art, now in the 11th hour of its financial crucible, has finally gotten the religion of reality and gone aggressively after some of the deep-pocketed residential developers currently engaged in the downtown/Channelside makeover.

We’re not talking altruism here, although that should never be discouraged. Nor are we talking pure art for art’s sake, as uplifting as that always is. We’re talking old-fashioned, enlightened self interest.

It’s a lot easier to sell seven-figure condo units and even ritzier penthouses when the neighborhood is a viable cultural arts district. And that doesn’t happen without a world-class art museum as an anchor.

It still amazes that no one actually asked Donald Trump to ante up for the symbiotic cause. Had they, The Donald’s unsolicited donation might have been more than $100,000 in installments.

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