Frances Afterthoughts

*The lamest excuse proffered for parents’ indulging their kids’ hurricane fantasies amid the obvious flood risks: “cabin fever.” Come on, it was less than a day. No one was emerging from a nuclear winter. Break out the board games. Remember those?

*This, I know, is first-rate rationalizing, but there is actually an up side to losing power. It means a dependence on radio news . The nature of the medium, “War of the Worlds” aside, is to traffick much less in melodrama and hype. Plus you don’t have to stare at the cone of anxiety, the approaching apocalypse or a suspendered, histrionic meteorologist.

*To the Univision/Channel 62 reporter who tripped and momentarily disappeared amid the wave action at the high-water intersection of Bayshore and Orleans and Watrous avenues. Nice recovery. Her hand-held microphone never hit the water.

*I’ll take Topical Storms Ronda any day.

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