Mayor Iorio As Tampa’s “Closer”

It should surprise no one that Mayor Pam Iorio, whose instincts are “hands-on” and “right away,” would personally intercede in a site plan for The Bellamy on Bayshore, a 26-story condominium tower. The 64-unit condo, between Knights and Wallcraft avenues, is properly zoned, but its main access — on Knights — is an issue. Knights is a narrow, residential street.

Iorio and Elton Smith, Tampa’s transportation chief, sat down with representatives of the developer, JMC Communities.

Iorio should be applauded for responding so directly and promptly to the legitimate concerns of a neighborhood. Two points, however.

This will be a precedent. And it won’t be the last pricey development with design-and-impact issues. Going to the city’s CEO won’t always be practicable.

She should be, in baseball parlance, the “closer.” There’s no one after that. But there are some “set-up” talents.

In the future, might not this be a role for someone like City Councilman John Dingfelder? The Bellamy is within his district (4) and his background includes some unique qualifications. Not only is he a veteran of Tampa’s Variance Review Board, he’s also professionally trained as a mediator.

Just for future reference.

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