License To Shill

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is campaigning for a confederate flag license plate. The controversy, of course, is over its message. It’s either pride in Southern heritage or a symbol of oppression. Can’t please everyone.

But can’t we at least agree on this? We need another specialty license tag like we need more referendum items.

Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. But I like plates adorned with “The Sunshine State” or “The Peach State” or “The Dairy State” or “The First State” or “The Garden State” or “Land of Lincoln.” I like those little, corny tag lines of individuality and state pride. For embellishment, I also like recognizing the home county.

Beyond that — from a favorite team or alma mater allegiance to views on abortion, education, the arts and the environment — isn’t that what bumper stickers are for?

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