More Bucs-Eagles’ Hype — No But(t)s About It

Sunday’s Tampa Tribune had a prominent piece on Warren Sapp that included a sidebar of Sappisms. Included is one that we will all see again. And again. It will be airing in the Philadelphia media and posted on the Philadelphia Eagles’ bulletin board from now until Monday night, Sept. 8. That’s when the Bucs begin defense of their Super Bowl championship against Philly in the debut of the Eagles’ new stadium, Lincoln Financial Field.

“My first victory in the NFL was at (Veterans Stadium),” recalled Sapp. “I opened the Vet with a (butt) whooping, and I closed it with a (butt) whooping. And I love it. I’m going to get to open their new house with a (butt) whooping. It’s coming.”

Unless Sapp ups the rhetorical ante, that quote likely will run like a continuous loop over the next two months–right through the Monday Night Football pre-game hype. Red meat for the revenge-seeking Eagles, their love-hate Philadelphia media and Philly’s carnivorous, mutant fans.

And Sapp wouldn’t have it any other way. No buts about it.

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