Bottom Line Or Bottom-Feeding Recruit?

Everything surrounding the legal morass of former Florida State University quarterback Adrian McPherson– not just what happened in court — reeks.

McPherson’s attorney, St. Petersburg-based Grady Irvin, made a lot of whistle-blowing noise about the FSU booster program — as in the Seminoles go down with his client. He threatened to subpoena FSU players and expose alleged improper payments for autographed items. It could have spelled big trouble for FSU with the NCAA.

But it never came to that; there was no trial on felony charges; adjudication was withheld on gambling charges; and McPherson walked away from a plea agreement with the opportunity to have his criminal record expunged. And maybe play again at the college level.

He also walked away under a code of silence, according to Irvin, regarding what he may know about FSU boosters and players that may be of interest to the NCAA.

Only adding to the unseemliness was Irvin’s rationale for why another university, USF, (which recruited McPherson out of high school) would be well-served to recruit him again.

“The University of South Florida is an up-and-coming program, and I quite frankly feel Adrian would be a financial benefit (to USF) as well,” noted Irvin, as quoted in the Tampa Tribune. “I’m certain when he finally takes the field again, at least four games could be televised nationally, and that would have some economic benefit to the University of South Florida

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