Mayor Iorio: Here’s How She Did It

In some quarters, Pam Iorio’s impressive mayoral victory was attributed in no small part to the public’s pendulum swing away from the chummy and loose managerial style of Dick Greco. Moreover, Iorio’s win was also seen in such circles as a resounding victory for the forces of inclusion and a deserving defeat for the troops of polarization. As in, business vs. neighborhoods and South Tampa vs. everybody else.

Would that it were that easy. But it’s unfair to Greco and simplistic regarding Iorio.

And there are others, some of them astute observers of the Tampa scene, who still scratch their heads over this “political phenomenon” who entered so late and won so big against such formidable competition.

Iorio is certainly the antithesis of polarization and an intriguing politician, but here’s why she was elected:

First, the competition. Irascible Charlie Miranda was too provincial. Blindly ambitious Bob Buckhorn was truly too polarizing. Newly arrived Frank Sanchez was too na

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