A Governor on Jeb’s plans?

A recent Sunday New York Times piece made the case that “Jeb Bush’s easy victory made him an obvious presidential candidate for 2008, and President Bush’s announcement that he would keep Dick Cheney as vice president avoided anointing a rival to his brother.”

Taking the second part first, the president was supportive of Vice President Cheney in answer to a press conference question. How else could he be expected to respond under those circumstances? Should he have gone with: “Actually, Rudy is waiting in the wings and there are numerous cover story scenarios that will allow for a Bush-Giuliani ticket”?

Frankly, three Bushes, regardless of what else happens on George W’s watch, would be one too many for America. Granted, we do like our political legacies — as in Adams, Harrison, Taft or Kennedy — almost as much as we like our athletic ones — as in Manning, Bonds or DiMaggio.

But while John and Quincy Adams are father-and-son precedents, going to the family well a third time, one suspects, would smack less of legacy and accomplishment than aristocracy and entitlement. Jeb Bush, to whom arrogance is not unfamiliar, is not the best candidate for noblesse oblige poster pol.

America may love its faux Camelots, but don’t expect to see it abiding monarchial trappings.

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