Cathedral As Fortress

How appropriate that the newly dedicated, asymmetrical Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles looks like a cross between a penal institution and a fortress. Given the Catholic Church’s bunker mentality borne of its sexual abuse scandal, it’s surprising there isn’t a moat around it.

Among the celebrants and protestors was someone carrying a sign that asked: “What would Jesus do with $200 million?” It’s no longer a rhetorical question.

More Manifest Signs: Speaking of signs, there was an ironic one on display recently at the University of South Florida. In a photo carried by the Tampa Tribune, we see a number of students rallying on behalf of controversial Palestinian professor Sami Al-Arian.

The most prominent sign said “Don’t B an Oppressor, Reinstate the ‘Proffessor.'” The point, at least, was unmistakable. The Al-Arian case is less about terrorist ties than it is about academic freedumb.

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