Bedeviled Rays and Big Daddy

Sport on the brink: MLB Commissioner Bud “Lite” Selig, might start with his own position if he’s so sold on contraction. And speaking of contraction, did you see where baseball’s chief legal officer, Bob DuPuy, recently told the Senate Judiciary committee that the Devil Rays were among 18 teams considered for contraction. No, that’s not a typo. That’s 3/5 of the 30 franchises under consideration for elimination. That’s unbelievable — anywhere but baseball.

Bedeviled Rays: Four additional reasons why MLB deserves to implode and regroup as a cricket league:

*Wilson “Buffet Line” Alvarez and his $8 million rehab salary

*The injury-prone, over-the-hill Greg “Please-generate-trade-deadline-interest” Vaughn and his $8.75 salary.

*Esteban “You-tied-for-the-league-lead-in-blown-saves-yet-your-salary-was- more-than-doubled-to-$1.5 million” Yan.

*Vinny “Still-being-paid-millions-to-play-for-somebody-else” Castilla.

Big Daddy: Better Moves Than Big Owner

After three days of eluding a posse of horses, SUVs, a Humvee, cowboys, three vets, two deputies and a state wildlife officer, “Big Daddy” the bison was back, his odyssey around the 8,000-acre Brooker Creek Wildlife Preserve ended. Ultimately it took five tranquilizer darts to bring down the escaped 2,000-pounder.

He was then returned to his owner, Matt Geiger, a former pro basketball player who recently retired from the Philadelphia 76ers. Ironically, if Big Daddy had moves more like the relatively immobile Geiger, he wouldn’t have lasted so long on the loose.

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