Two Minutes for High-Schticking

Prominent piece in this week’s Sports Illustrated on Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Nikolai Khabibulin. The Lightning have been embarrassingly bad for so long that it was refreshing to read something other than ridicule from a national publication.

The area, however, didn’t escape unscathed. The SI piece stooped to a demographic stereotype to underscore how bad Lightning goal tending has been since Darren Pupa’s final back spasm. Tampa Bay, noted the SI article, was a place “where lousy goalies have been outnumbered only by early bird dinner specials.”

It’s vintage SI wise ass. But at least update the cheap shots. It wouldn’t even be hyperbolic to say that lousy goalies have been outnumbered by, say, disgraced judges, Muslim fund-raisers or racial-discrimination plaintiffs at USF.

Two minutes for high-schticking.

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