It’s About Islam — And It’s About Infidels

It’s not about Islam. It’s not about Islam. It’s not about Islam.

Of course it is.

But no one, from the president on down, can admit it — for obvious reasons. A billion obvious reasons.

Any religion that so self-righteously and definitively divides the world into believers and infidels is a problem. A big problem. It makes it all too easy to pervert in the name of doing unto infidels. And that’s us.

Moreover, Islamic societies have shown a nearly uniform inability to adapt well to the modern world. It’s past time to get over the Crusades — as well as the concept of women as chattel.

As a result, such sovereign societies are not among the world’s most successful — either as economies or democracies. Even the ones awash in oil are mired in corruption, feudal mores and skewed, monarchial priorities — and are running scared from Fundamentalists.

It’s a schizoid scenario that breeds internal unrest and resentment of the West’s culture and values — as well as specific jealousy of America’s economic success and military reach. And that’s just our Muslim friends, allies and “coalition” cronies.

Our Muslim enemies really hate us.

We in the West are resented for who we are and who we were — which doesn’t leave much wiggle room. Certainly not for infidels.

You better believe it’s about Islam — and it’s about infidels. It’s also about time we acknowledged as much.

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