America On Trial

A jury agreed unanimously to convict Donald Trump on 34 criminal accounts. An appeal awaits.

Meanwhile, appeals to America’s sense of justice, decency and democratic ideals will be on the November ballot.

Having a (legally) felonious candidate—just three years after a capitol insurrection cost lives and global credibility—makes the U.S. look like one of those “banana republics” that we have long disparaged. And, yeah, Trump could still run from jail. Eugene Debs did that back in 1920.

It’s what happens when an unfit, immoral cult figure has a large following. Bluster, blather, racism, nativism, narcissism and misogynism have become the opioid of the (m)asses. This is what “American exceptionalism” has become in the MAGA era.

Ultimately, history will be the final judge. We’ll be glad we’re not around.

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