Trumpster Diving


* At Trump’s Super Tuesday watch party at Mar-a-Lago, Melania was a no-show. So was Stormy.

* Ingratiating himself religiously at a Christian media convention, Trump wondered “How any Christian can vote for a Democrat … how you can vote for a Democrat is crazy.” Obviously, hypocrisy, stupidity and sycophancy are not sins.

* “If I don’t get elected, it’s going to be a bloodbath.”–More, uh, “hyperbole,” from Trump.

* Trump: “When I did the mug shot in Atlanta … You know who embraced it more than anyone else? The black population.” Who else could insult while campaign pandering?

* The potential danger posed by AI was obvious with a Trump ad artificially showing him surrounded by fake images of smiling black voters. This made as much sense as a Trump ad showing him surrounded by such smiling, fawning supporters such as: Jack Smith, Fani Willis and E. Jean Carroll.

* “When the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”–A Trump duplicitous predecessor, Richard Nixon.

* “The broad mass of a nation … will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.”–Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf. Still applies.

* Alabama: Embryos are people—and future Republicans: GOPryos.

* Republican Utah Gov. Spencer Cox, chairman of the National Governors Association, leads an initiative called Disagree Better that aims to reduce political divisiveness. He recently met with President Biden. No, it’s not Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan sharing beers, but anything helps an effort to lessen zero-sum political pandering and brawling.

* A big candidate quest: Getting those GOP-leaning moderates disenchanted with Trump. Begged question: Why would a “moderate,” by any definition, have ever been enchanted with Trump in the first place?

* Timing matters: Because of delays, the president-elect—if its Trump—could theoretically be tried and convicted of the most serious felony charges after being elected—but before taking office in January. So, yes, this could get even more chaotic.

* Potential precedent? In 1920, Eugene Debs, Socialist Party candidate, got a million votes while in prison.

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