* VP speculation for Trump includes Florida GOP Congressman Byron Donalds, 45, an African-American Brooklyn native now based in Naples. He describes himself as a “Trump supporting, gun-owning, liberty-loving, pro-life, politically incorrect black man.” He’s also a Tea Partier who claims that Biden is not the legitimate president of the U.S. He checks a lot of suck-up boxes.

* Speaking of veep speculation, that also includes Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, who has formally endorsed Trump for president.

* Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner candidly framed the bottom-line on Spring Break crowd violence. “They’re not staying in hotels; they’re not visiting our businesses.”

* Florida is among the dozen states that have reported measles cases this year. But it’s the only one with a problematic surgeon general who doesn’t agree with the CDC on the appropriate response. SG Joseph LaDOPEo has notified parents that they’ve been granted permission to send unvaccinated children to school amid the outbreak.

* Dire Education: The American Association of University Professors voted to sanction New College of Florida for its imposition of “an aggressively ideological agenda.” Only one other Florida school has ever made the AAUP’s sanction list—Miami Dade College in 2000.

* The age-appropriate teaching of Communism in our schools should mean: its history, its ideals and its fascist realities. Groucho and Karl are not related. It’s not the same as “woke” socialism. Ask Swedes.

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