Media Matters

* In Davos, the World Economic Forum ranked misinformation as the biggest short-term danger in its Global Risks Report.

* “The corporate greed in media is out of control, and hedge funds are at the core of that corporate greed.”–Jon Schleuss, president of NewsGuild-CWA, which represents newsroom employees, including those at the Chicago Tribune who went on a recent one-day strike over fair wages.

* “In a certain sense, being a journalist is choosing to touch with your hands the wounds of society and of the world. This is an occasion for me to thank you.”–Pope Francis, in reference to Rome-base journalists who uncovered scandals in the Catholic Church.

* “If you’re on “Saturday Night Live,” you’ve broken out of the political media bubble into general pop culture, and that’s a good place to be for presidential candidates.”–GOP PR consultant Alex Conant.

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