Unhinged Gaetz

Rick Scott. Remember when it couldn’t get much than worse than that? An HCA fraudster who refused federal money for a high-speed Orlando-Tampa rail connection. We’d be on “the hook,” although formal bids hadn’t yet been received.

Then came Ron DeSantis, from the Fox green room and Trump’s petting zoo to an agenda against all things “woke.” Indeed, it did get worse—from book-bans and COVID outliers to paying for border migrants to fly to other states.

And now, head’s up. Looks like Panhandle punk Matt Gaetz wants his goobernatorial shot. In an age of political outrage, anything is possible, if not downright likely. Including a ring leader for governor. For now, at least, the public has forgotten about those sexual misconduct allegations and campaign finance shenanigans, if not a Leo Gorcey Dead Ender caricature from hell.

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