Dem Notes


  • Biden and world leadership. Ask leaders not named Putin or Kim who they’d prefer, and it’s sure and hell not “America Fist” Trump.
  • A “No Labels” third-party candidate makes “No Sense” unless the intention is to help Trump. Even Joe Manchin knows that.
  • No surprise that a 2024 priority is to gin up minority voting. Hardly happenstance that the 2024 Biden-Harris campaign manager is a Latina. And Julie Chavez Rodriguez is not just any gung-ho, Latina Dem. She is the granddaughter of the late Cesar Chavez, the United Farm Workers union leader and iconic activist. It’s no secret that Biden 2024 needs Latino voters to win re-election. And no surprise that the United Farm Workers have formally endorsed the 2024 Biden-Harris ticket.
  • “Stay active because your country and I are counting on all of you.”—VP Kamala Harris, at Hampton University, where she kicked off her national “Fight for Our Freedoms” College Tour.
  • How do you demean President Biden over his age and occasional gaffes, when your warped fealty is to someone only three years younger and a demonstrably unhinged, uninformed, unethical, narcissistic, nativist, autocratic buffoon? Yes, that’s a rhetorical question.
  • “(Biden’s) successful performance in office belies his doddering image.”—Max Boot, Council of Foreign Relations.
  • Eight of the 45 men who have served previously as president died in office—four by assassination and four from natural causes. Joe Biden, the oldest-ever president, will be 81 next month.
  • Fourteen vice presidents have gone on to become president, as Kamala Harris knows well.

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