Trumpster Diving

  • Trump the RICO actor made more unconscionable history by becoming the first-ever former president to have a mug shot. So, instead of debate prep, he just practiced poses to perfect a fund-raising scowl.
  • The more indictments (91 counts in four jurisdictions), the more Trump’s poll numbers rise, the more we wonder and worry over what’s happening to America.
  • Georgia GOP Gov. Brian Kemp has not backed off. “We’re going to follow the law and the constitution regardless of who it helps or harms politically.” There was a time when that was a given. These are not those times.
  • “I think what (Trump as the Republican nominee) means for folks across the country is four more years of Joe Biden.”—Chris Christie.
  • “The American people are not going to vote for a convicted criminal.”—Nikki Haley.
  • Judge Tanya Chutkan, the one overseeing special counsel Jack Smith’s Jan. 6 case against Donald Trump: “Mr. Trump, like any American, has a right to free speech. But that right is not absolute.” Truth Social notwithstanding.
  • “In Trump World, incitement + indictment = excitement, plus big bucks.”—Barry Golson, author of “Gringos in Paradise.”
  • *Trumpster Congressman Matt Gaetz has said it was his “dream” to become U.S. attorney general. Judge Judy’s chances are better.
  • * “We don’t do plea deals.” –Art of the Dealer Donald Trump, still pleading his “witch hunt” case.

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