• License plates are about more than vehicle I.Ds. Typically, they also carry a brand slogan. Ad hoc marketing on the road. Such as the “Sunshine State” (Florida) or “Dairy State” (Wisconsin). Then there’s the “Empire State” (New York) as well as “Virginia Is For Lovers” (but celibates are allowed). And North Carolina, of course, still has those “First in Flight” plates. Given Americans’ notorious ignorance of history, including our own, it probably includes the Wright Brothers historic role in aviation. Too many Americans wouldn’t know the Wright Brothers from the Everly Brothers. And to non-North Carolinians “Flight” can also mean flee, not just fly. Imagine, North Carolina: The “First in getting the hell out of here” state. Just sayin’.
  • Animal yoga. Naked yoga. Nightclub yoga. Laughter yoga. What would the Maharishi say? Hopefully, “Do you really need gimmicks?”
  • Saw the George Foreman bio-pic on Netflix. He’s a former champ, turned preacher, who makes an unlikely comeback in the ring to reclaim the crown at age 45. But boxing, where the credo is first do some harm, is an ironic, unholy metaphor. What would Jesus say: “Maybe: “Do unto others as you would never allow them to do unto you—or else you lose.”
  • Assault on common sense: Banning books—not assault weapons.
  • Miami Mayor Francis Suarez quits, oops, “suspends” his presidential bid.
  • San Francisco has approved robotaxis. What could possibly go wrong with that?

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