Media Matters

  • Since 2003, about 1,700 journalists have been killed in the line of duty around the world.
  • Maybe it’s part of being an alien in pop culture, but what’s particularly annoying are loud, action-packed movie trailers of films (too often based on comic book sequels) that you would never, ever want to see. Another sign: referencing “Barbie’s” boyfriend as Klaus.
  • No wonder it’s being called “Barbenheimer,” a blend of instant-Oscar-buzz “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer.” Hollywood and move theater chains have been awaiting, if not praying for, some much-needed, non-streaming box office hype and a major financial boost. Maybe it’s an anomaly, but a most welcome one.
  • Striking writers and studios are finally meeting over the strike that began three months ago. One possible result: The movie version.
  • Wikipedia ranks among the world’s 10 most visited websites. Its contributors, who make about 345 edits per minute on the site, are not paid.

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