Sports Shorts

* The National Labor Relations Board filed a formal complaint against the NCAA and others alleging a misclassification of college athletes as “student athletes” instead of employees. Anyone not see this coming? Too often “student athlete” is an oxymoronic reference to basketball and football mercenaries–many of whom have played the transfer portal game–prepping for a shot at the pros instead of studying serious subjects in classrooms with real students.

Back in the day, room & board, a high-profile campus presence, a diploma and a forum for post-graduate networking were sufficient.

* Ever notice how often the Rays need an interpreter—but the Lightning don’t? Speaking directly to fans—even in the context of a formulaic press conference—helps a franchise and individual players relate even better to this market.

* Congrats to the University of Florida for winning its 5th NCAA Men’s Golf National Championship. Of course for hard-core Gator fans, it’s not consoling enough after a 6-7 football season.

* “Sportswashing”: The term used to describe Saudi Arabia’s attempt to distract from the country’s human rights abuses.

* Romaine Beckford, a USF high-jumper, became the Bulls’ first national track-and-field national champion in 30 years.

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