Trumpster Diving

* Mike Pence, like so many self-serving pols, has a book out that keeps his name in the news before 2024. It’s an autobiography entitled, unsurprisingly, “So Help Me God.” Word is the title is actually a shortened version of the overly candid original: “So, Help Me God: I Want To Make Up For Having Enabled the Anti-Christ.”

* “If Donald Trump had been born black, he would have been Don King.”–Rev. Al Sharpton.

* “History isn’t kind to the man who holds Mussolini’s jacket.” That was Ted Cruz explaining why he didn’t endorse Trump at the 2016 GOP Convention.

* Trumpism without Trump: Ron DeSantis.

* Trump was known among his own staff as the “Leaker-in-Chief.”

* When Speaker of the House balloting embarrassingly goes into double digits, anything can happen—including the nomination of Donald Trump as Speaker by Florida’s reprehensible Rep. Matt Gaetz. a Trump acolyte.

* Speaking of the GOP outHouse fiasco, Speaker Kevin McCarthy will look at expunging Trump impeachments. Eventually we’ll see more signs of McCarthy concessions over his Speaker status. One thing that won’t change: a twice-impeached president is part of the historical record.

* Once in office, “Trump became the worst version of himself.”–Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen.

* If Roy Cohn were still alive, Trump has told insiders, he would still be president. Not all presidents evolve in office.

* Back in the day, Ronald Reagan rejected the backing of the John Birch Society in his first gubernatorial campaign. As noted, that was then.

* Calling black Republicans “props” is demeaning. It’s also true—as long as the GOP remains the party of george LINCOLN rockwell.

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