Sports Shorts

* Football aphorism: “You always hurt the one you block.”

* If you’re a hockey fan, as I am, you probably get this—at least in theory. Hockey is the hardest spectator sport. When you watch other major sports, especially football and baseball, there is an inherent pacing that can accommodate–sometimes overly so–viewing fans. There are lots of built-in breaks in the action–enough time to argue a call or second-guess a strategy or grab a beer. With hockey, it’s largely a frenetic pace; you can’t always see the puck; and teams change personnel every minute and a half or less. It’s not a fun, relaxing experience. In fact, it can be downright nerve-racking. That’s why I rarely watch a Lightning game beginning to end. I’ll look in for an update, and if the Bolts ultimately win, I’ll kick back and watch the highlights--and often the replay–without being on the edge of my seat coiled in nervous tension, spilling a drink.

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