Media Matters

  • No presidential lionizing: Check out YouTube and hear the latest from musical satirist Roy Zimmerman: “The Liar Tweets Tonight.” A sampling: “In the White House, the mighty White House, the liar tweets tonight. In the West Wing, the self-obsessed wing, the Liar tweets tonight. … “Vote him away, vote him away…”
  • “Many white-collar workers, journalists including, struggle to understand the reach of talk radio because they don’t listen to it, and don’t know anyone who does. … Talk radio listeners make up a group at least three times as large as the NRA and are just as committed to a particular vision of America.”—Paul Matzko, author of “The Radio Right.”
  • “You can do equal time on a different night! You can do equal time at a different time!” That was CNN anchor Don Lemon on how NBC handled Trump’s alternative town hall.
  • If MLB had its way, the World Series would always be between the teams from the biggest markets. Fox Sports would agree. The Los Angeles Dodgers checked that box. MLB was likely disappointed at the Tampa Bay Rays’ ousting of the New York Yankees. But it was cushioned by the Rays dispatching of the Houston Astros. No way did the establishment want the Astros in the World Series. Not those cheaters and the accompanying player arrogance. A pandemic is enough to deal with. Plus, an upstart, payroll-challenged team with talented and colorful personnel makes for a compelling David vs. Goliath story line—and maybe great TV.

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