Florida Fodder

* The criminal justice package that is advancing in the Florida House is headlined by the eminently sensible proposal to ban the use of drones over and near state and private correctional facilities. That’s a concession to tech-world common sense, contraband-and-surveillance prevention and overall public safety. Less hyped–and less sensible–is an accompanying provision to reduce the minimum age of correctional officers to 18 as a way of addressing high turnover rates. But what’s next if this is far from a panacea? How about part-time for the18-year-olds, who could report for duty after their high school classes are over?

* It wouldn’t be the Florida Legislature without public school bills for Bible study and science alternatives. So much, ironically, for evolution.     

* Some accidental deaths should be easier to prevent than others. But pedestrians killed by trains should top any list. Exhibit A: More than a dozen people have died after being hit by Brightline trains since test runs were initiated in the summer of 2017.

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