* “When it comes to China, Germany has to walk a very thin line in a rapidly changing international environment. The trans-Atlantic relationship has been rattled since Donald Trump took office; Germany suddenly finds itself agreeing with China more on certain issues, like climate change, than with the United States, its longtime ally. As a consequence, German diplomats have to play a tricky game: partnering with an ideological adversary against its close ally on some issues, while sticking with that suddenly difficult ally against its most important trading partner on others.”–Anna Sauerbrey, deputy editor in chief of Der Tagesspiegel.

* Sheldon Adelson now has more influence on American foreign policy than even the secretary of state, the Koch (brothers) tool Mike Pompeo.”–Timothy Egan, New York Times.

* “Drones and all of the rest are wonderful and lots of fun, but it is only a good old fashioned Wall that works!”–President Donald Trump.

* “Our president is behaving like an autocrat. His willingness to fabricate a national crisis and subvert constitutional checks and balances to avoid legislative defeat places him closer to Ferdinand Marcos than Ronald Reagan.”–Steven Levitsky, co-author of “How Democracies Die.”

* “Usually, rhetorical (campaign) promises are vague enough where they can be effective but not cost the president any real capital. Whereas this (border wall and Mexican underwriting) promise was very specific, and we’re seeing where that gets us.”–University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus.

* “How would a president who is willing to fabricate a national emergency over a simple legislative impasse behave during a real security crisis?”–Daniel Ziblatt, co-author of “How Democracies Die.”

* “Democrats who demanded new leadership in the House should be thankful they didn’t get their wish. It is hard to imagine anyone better matched to the moment and this task. … Trump is being knocked around by Nancy Pelosi and, even more hurtful, the attention for now is on her.”–Eugene Robinson, Washington Post.

* “Directing a subordinate to lie to Congress is a federal crime.”–House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y.

* “If we undercut the president, that’s the end of his presidency and the end of our party.”–South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham.

* “I don’t need you (mainstream media) guys anymore.”–What Donald Trump told Ted Koppel in a July 21, 2016 interview just hours before accepting the Republican presidential nomination.

* “Instead of covering Trump’s tweets on a live, breaking basis, just cover them in the last five minutes of a news show. They’re presidential statements, but we can balance them.”–Amanda Carpenter, author of “Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies To Us.”

* “Female (presidential) candidates are battered by professional consultants who claim to understand voters, and who tell them to be strong but approachable, warm but steely, mom but dad, young and bouncy but wise and grave. These operatives are the swarming locusts of politics, eating all in their path.”–Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal.

* “Swooping toward 2020, the moment of truth for Donald Trump that is also aptly the centennial of women’s suffrage, the women are gathering force at a giddy speed. … His greatest shock will be that his election woke up the wrath of the Furies, who are unceasing until they get their man.”–Maureen Dowd, New York Times.

* “We face the greatest crisis of leadership we’ve seen in our lifetimes, and powerful voices are filling the void, sowing hate and division among us. … We know America is better than this–but it’s on us to build it. We’re going to have to fight for it.”–California Sen. Kamala Harris, in announcing her 2020 presidential candidacy.

* “Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”–Charles Darwin.

* “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the silence over that by the good people.”–Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

* “We’re not an activist company. If you don’t like what we’re making better than cigarettes, then have a cigarette, that’s fine.”–James Monsees, co-founder and chief product officer of Juul, in 2014.

* A healthy business needs to be part of a healthy community. And a healthy community must have housing within the economic reach of every part of the community, including the many dedicated people who provide the vital services on which we all rely.”–Microsoft President Brad Smith, in announcing the company’s $500 million pledge to address affordable  housing in the Seattle area.

* “The quality of our water and environmental surroundings are foundational to our prosperity as a state. It doesn’t just drive tourism; it affects property values, anchors many local economies and is central to our quality of life.”–Gov. Ron DeSantis.

* “Whether they (patients) have to smoke (medical marijuana) or not, who am I to judge that? I want people to be able to have their suffering relieved. I don’t think this law is up to snuff.”–Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is pressuring the legislature to repeal a law that prohibits smokable medical marijuana.

* “When there’s insurance for medical marijuana, that’s when we’re really going to put a dent in the opioid and Oxycontin industry.”–Attorney John Morgan.

* “The mayor of Tampa is the single-most important political position in the region.”–Tampa City Council member Mike Suarez, a mayoral candidate.

* “They (pirates) come in here, think I’m gonna surrender the key to the city, and they realize that one Irishman against 600 krewe members is pretty much a fair fight.”–Mayor Bob Buckhorn, on the Gasparilla invasion.

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