Media Matters

* This is the time of year when the best–countdown to Oscars–movies are out. Not just sequels of sequels or big-screen adaptations of comic books and video games. Exhibit A: “Green Book.” It’s a “dramedy.” It’s poignant, historical, humorous, outraging and entertaining. It’s set in America’s “Colored Only,” racial-crucible era.

Spoiler (sort of) alert: It ended the way it should.

* “Trumpaganda: The War on Facts, Press and Democracy.” That’s the name of a journalism course at the University of Illinois. Go, Fighting Illini.

* The Tampa Bay Times certainly made a big deal–via prominent “Editor’s Note”–about the changes coming in comics. (Yes, Blondie and Pickles are staying!) The wait continues, however, for those of us looking for an Editor’s Note announcing that the Times is bringing back some of the editing and proofreading staff that had obviously been jettisoned–and is obviously still missed.

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