Sports Shorts

* If I were a hard core UCF fan, I’d still be steamed over how the Knights were shafted last season and didn’t make the College Football Championship playoffs. Now with the nation’s longest winning streak (21), they are perched for a similar experience this year if they run the table again. It’s all about their schedule. Yada, yada. But UCF Athletic Director Danny White had a tactful response to the no-respect reality. “If you can go undefeated and not play in the so-called (CFC) playoff for a national championship, it’s not a playoff. It’s an invitational.” Well put.

* Speaking of UCF, it had to be disappointing to not have a packed “Bounce House” at Spectrum Stadium last Thursday for the nationally-televised, come-from-behind win over Temple.

* Former NFL fullback Jim Taylor, the first Green Bay Packer star in Vince Lombardi’s dynasty to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, recently died at age 83. It spoke volumes that for a long time he was no longer a fan of the game he was once so good at. “Today’s athletes, they’re just full of so much conversation instead of keep your mouth shut and just do your job,” explained Taylor. “I don’t even watch a game.” I get it. I’m not an NFL fan, because I’m no fan of camera-courting, boorish lounge acts.

* The latest AP Pro 32 poll has the New Orleans Saints No. 1. Indeed, the same Saints the Bucs beat in week one. It only adds to the frustration.

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