Sports Shorts

* No, this is not the sort of football season that FSU fans were hoping for. And it could get worse. But here’s a consolation: a former FSU golfer, Brooks Koepka, is now ranked No. 1 in the world. But, yeah, if you’re a ‘Noles fan, that’s not consolation enough.

* “A relentless team that looked every bit the Stanley Cup favorite.”–That was a Chicago Tribune reference to the Lightning after the Bolts had soundly beaten the Blackhawks in Chicago. Sometimes it’s good to hear from the other side for additional perspective about a home team on a mission.

* The USF Bulls only lost two games last year–to Houston and UCF. Now, after going 7-0, comes the Houston-UCF part of the schedule again, starting with Houston on Saturday. A win at Houston would be huge. A loss would give pollsters all the reason they need to drop USF, a team known to play down unimpressively to the competition while winning, out of the Top 25 national rankings.

* Undefeated Ohio State lost–by a lot–to Purdue. Previously, Purdue had lost to Eastern Michigan. The bottom line: another reminder that, except for Alabama, there is still an any-given-day parity in college football.

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