Sports Shorts

* So, half way through the college football season, Florida still has two undefeated teams. And none of them are Florida, Florida State or Miami. They are USF and UCF, which both won on the road last weekend, each with a comeback, 1-point win against Tulsa and Memphis, respectively.  It probably won’t happen, but here’s hoping both stay undefeated until Nov. 23. That’s when the Golden Knights would bus down I-4 to play the Bulls at RayJay on national TV and in front of the biggest USF crowd in years.

* Last week I found myself “looking in” on the American League series between Boston and New York. I had the sound turned down while I was reading. I looked in because I like baseball, and I was curious. I kept the sound down because I wasn’t rooting for either the Red Sox or the Yankees. In fact, I like neither, because they get to play by rules that don’t apply to modest-budget franchises such as the Rays. Also, their fan bases always seem entitled. The geopolitical analogy would be indifference in a competition between ISIS and the Taliban.

* I don’t have serious rooting interest in the MLB playoffs, but, if pressed, I’d choose the Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers had the most wins in the National League and are now playing the Los Angeles Dodgers to see who moves on to the World Series. This, despite the fact that the Brewers play in MLB’s smallest market and are in the bottom third of MLB payrolls. It can be done. As the Rays know.

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