Gunshine State Update

* Kudos to the Florida Democratic Party for the digital billboards it put up in Orlando and Tallahassee. “612 Days Between Pulse and Parkland. Rick Scott Did Nothing.”–The Sun Sentinel.

* We will have arrived at a true turning point, when serious (assault weapon and high-capacity magazine bans, for example) gun-control measures are not so much a political “wedge” issue but an actual common-sense, public-safety, moral imperative. Imagine, doing the right thing for the right–not alt Reich–reasons. We’re not there yet, although the bottom-up, shame-the-usual-suspects movement fueled by an articulate, motivated, teenaged demographic is impressively encouraging.

* And this just in: Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens just ratcheted up the rhetorical ante by encouraging gun-reform demonstrators to demand a repeal of the Second Amendment. Thank you, Justice Stevens, for cutting to the chase.

Enough of counterproductive, agenda-driven cherry picking of an out-of-context, 18th century relic–no matter how seemingly sacrosanct. Without the Second Amendment–and the absolutist take it induces from the gun lobby and its political minions–America would, as Stevens points out, be in a position to “weaken the NRA’s ability to stymie legislative debate and block constructive gun control legislation than any other available option.”

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