Bad Karma

A University of Tampa sociologist makes an insensitive Harvey tweet about “instant karma” and the red state of Texas. Ultimately he “resigned” after being fired. There are more questions than answers.

Can’t academic freedom accommodate the deplorably dumb? Doesn’t the first amendment make provisions for the strikingly stupid? And this wasn’t exactly yelling fire in a crowded theater or requesting a parade permit in Little Havana to honor the Castro brothers. And, frankly, can’t smart people, such as professors, master the art of think-before-send?

The UT incident is also unwelcome propaganda. It has been–and will continue to be–ammo for Republican politicians and right-wing media. In effect, “Remember that Florida professor’s disgusting take on the tragedy in Houston? Said it was karma for being a red state. He really did. That’s what a hypocritical, LIBERAL professor thought. And you know he’s not the only one.”

That’s what really hurts.

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