Almost Accurate

As we know, at the last minute those Charlie Crist stickers were removed from that race car at the Daytona International Speedway. The Florida GOP had complained that the market value far exceeded the $3,000 limit for in-kind contributions to a statewide candidate.

“We thought a campaign gift of a NASCAR sponsorship was worth $25,000 to $50,000,” explained Melissa Sellers, Rick Scott’s campaign manager.

“We do, however, applaud the Crist campaign for trying to appeal to a demographic that is not Charlie’s constituency,” she said. “Those aren’t his people. He knows it. We get that.

“It’s why, frankly, we keep trying to court environmentalists, public school teachers, Hispanics, gun-control exponents, supporters of high speed rail, critics of All Aboard Florida, opponents of Florida Poly, proponents of Medicaid expansion, advocates of an embargo-free relationship with Cuba and skeptics who despise duplicitous bastards more than flip-floppers,” added Sellers. “It’s quite the challenge.”

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